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backtagging: Backtagging is my RP bread and butter.
threadhopping: For serious or plot-heavy threads, please contact me first. Everything else, though, go for it!
fourthwalling: Ask me? I'll consider it on a case-by-case basis.
offensive subjects: Sure, why not. Gilbert puts up with Vincent, after all. If it gets too bad, he's liable to screech, jsyk.

hugging this character: It'll be awkward, but Gilbert will probably tolerate it.
kissing this character: Hahaha... go ahead! Watch him freak out.
flirting with this character: Either he'll get ridiculously uncomfortable or just. Won't. Get it. 8> I am down for both of these.
fighting with this character: Sure, why not.
injuring this character: Go ahead, though things could get ugly if word gets back to his brother, Vincent...
killing this character: I'm down for it, provided there's a healthy dose of plot to go along with it.
using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Haha, wow, that'll be interesting. Yeah, go ahead. Contact me and we'll hash it out?

warnings: ...Extreme fail and aaaangst. Also, Gilbert is liable to have psychotic episodes should his master, Oz, be mentally or physically harmed. Not that I'm in any way opposed to this happening, just be aware that it is a consequence of Gil finding out that Oz has been extensively hurt.

N S F W p e r m i s s i o n s
types of sex I am OK with: Yes.
kinks or practices I enjoy: Gil is a fan of the missionary position in a dark room and a sheet between both parties. Hideousness, BDSM, begging, blindfolds, bondage, breathplay, clumsiness, delayed gratification, desk sex, discomfort, epic trolling, guns and gunplay, humiliation, intoxication and altered states, manipulation, orgasm and pleasure control/denial, rough sex, toys... Mindfucking...
types of sex I'm not OK with: None that I can think of
kinks or practices I don't enjoy: fisting, footplay, scat, vomit, watersports
willing to write rape or dubcon?: Yuuup!
is fade to black OK?: Of course!


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