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Just because you've forgotten

that don't mean you're forgiven .

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Name:Gilbert Nightray
Birthdate:Jan 1
h m dp e r m i s s i o n sl a y o u tp r o f i l e
G i l b e r t N i g h t r a y
age: 24 (Oz decided for Gil, who had lost his memories, "You're my servant, so you're an year younger than me") .

height: 182cm .

likes: Coffee (black, no sugar), black, sales, fresh ingredients .

dislikes: Oz's father, cats, House Nightray, Duke Nightray, those who harm his master, bell peppers .

good at: all housework, wielding guns, baking sweets, calculating division and subtraction faster than Oz .

not too good with: Break, Sharon, Vincent, Cheshire .
Still my heart beats so slow .

Interests (43):

ada vessalius, all by myself, being a bitch, being an emo bitch, black like my soul, bondage is canon, brother is a creeper, brothers, canon whipping boy, chains, chains aren't kinky!!, cigarettes, cleaning, coffee, cooking, elliot nightray, guns, guns aren't a euphemism, headpats for everyone, jack vessalius, maid dresses are canon, master my master, no cats plz, no peppers plz, not daddy vessalius, not xerxes break, obsession issues, oral fetishes, oscar vessalius, oz vessalius, oz's hair, pepto bismol, pepto bismol/gil otp, psychotic episodes, raven, sharon rainsworth, sometimes a little gay, surrounded by crazies, that stupid rabbit, topped by everything, trenchcoats, vincent nightray, xerxes break
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